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Woman seal pool: Bikini-clad woman embarks on risky swim in seal pool at zoo

Bikini-clad woman goes for a swim in zoo's seal pool with the seals.
Bikini-clad woman goes for a swim in zoo's seal pool with the seals.
Wikimedia Commons

A bikini-clad woman lowered herself into the seal pool at the zoo to swim with the seals, not too long after the zoo had closed for the day. This was something that is totally against zoo rules. While she was frolicking in the seal water, which was most likely less than pristine, a man stood with a camera and shot pictures of the adventurous swimmer, according to News Max on August 6.

This was a very foolish move on the woman’s part because she could have been bitten by the seals and been seriously injured, conveyed the zoo manager, Ragnar Keuhne. The zoo staff did not catch her in the act, but if they had they would have called the police.

Most of the visitors at the Berlin Zoo had cleared out about 8 p.m. and the woman made her seal pool debut about a half hour after that, according to one witness. She slipped into the seal water about 8:30 p.m., but first she stripped down to her bikini.

There were two seals at the Berlin Zoo in that seal habitat where the pool is located and neither were full grown yet. The spokesperson for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, Doerte von der Reith suggested this unknown woman swimming with the seals was “absolutely irresponsible.” This swim also "angered" the zoo staff, according to The Spread It today.

Animal welfare needs to be respected even when the animals are in captivity, conveyed von der Reith. The woman invaded the seal’s private space, which is a place where they felt safe. Apparently the woman didn’t concern herself with how the seals would feel once she jumped in the pool.

While the zoo probably kept the seal habitat clean, but seals could have urinated and had other bodily functions going on in that pool. It has to be an unsanitary place for a human to swim. If you have ever been to a zoo with a seal enclosure, most likely the water wasn’t enticing enough for you to want to take a swim.

What could have been so important for her to risk getting seriously injured from the seals or risk getting arrested by police if she were caught? Not to mention swimming in water that possibly contained seal excrement and urine. The woman remains unknown today.

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