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Woman's phantom pregnancy with quintuplets devastates spouse at C-section

Woman's phatom pregnancy of quintuplets, shocked her boyfriend when he was told at the hospital she never was pregnant.
Woman's phatom pregnancy of quintuplets, shocked her boyfriend when he was told at the hospital she never was pregnant.

A Canadian couple who was expecting quintuplets were thrilled, as were their family, friends and their entire town. The nursery was setup with four new cribs and just about four of everything else sat waiting for the big day when the infants came home. That day never happened and although she went in for a C-section to deliver the babies, not even one baby was born at that hospital.

According to ABC News on March 24, when Barbara Bienvenue, 37, was taken to the hospital to give birth something happened once the doctor’s examined her. It wasn’t long after medical staff check her vitals, that they pulled her boyfriend aside to tell him that she wasn’t pregnant.

The doctor’s delivered the shocking news to Paul Sevat, Bienvenue’s boyfriend, that she was never pregnant to begin with. His partner had suffered from a phantom pregnancy. This tore apart Sevat’s world who had even named the four babies along with Bienvenue.

Bienvenue first delivered the news to Sevat that she was pregnant months back. Then she said they were having twins, then triplets and finally Bienvenue said that the doctor had found four heartbeats meaning four babies, quintuplets.

The pregnancy looked normal as Bienvenue’s stomach grew, she had morning sickness, she lactated and from all appearances, she was pregnant with multiple babies. The news sparked a movement on the social networks to start a collection to help this couple furnish all the necessities for the four babies coming all at once.

The news that she was never pregnant shocked Sevat, who went with his girlfriend to CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal so the babies could be born via C-section. The babies’ names were picked out and ready to go, Alexander, Sebastian, Charles and Rosalie.

A Facebook page was created soliciting donations for the babies, but it has since come down and Sevat is devastated. He was ready to meet his four children that never really existed.

Doctors have Bienvenue under psychiatric care as she experienced a phantom pregnancy also called pseudocyesis. This is a very rare disorder in which a woman experiences all the symptoms of pregnancy, but is not pregnant.

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