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Woman's Day Magazine annual essay contest



  • 6 years ago

    Good article, and a wonderful idea to link us to writing opportunities. I love my library and my library experiences, and can think of nothing I'd rather write in praise of...well, almost nothing.

  • Dawn 6 years ago

    I LOVE my local public library. I actually feel like I helped to build it - I managed the PR team for the Santa Monica Public Library Grand Opening and got to work with the architect, landscaper and interior designers as well as staging events and press tours. To this day I have such an affinity for libraries in general and the Santa Monica library specifically. I will definitely enter this contest!

  • Susanne Drazic 6 years ago

    Hi Jessica, thank you for sharing the information about the contest.

  • Fran 6 years ago

    I certainly wasn't aware of this writing contest. Thanks for the info.

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