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Woman rules: The feminine principle gradually reasserts itself

Beach days
Beach days

In the beginning Adam sinned against Eve, against the feminine principle by refusing to permit the flow of his subconscious mind to have influence over his conscious mind. He in essence walled off that portion of himself. Now as generations came to pass the feminine principle gradually reasserted itself as it always must until once again it ruled the hearts and minds of men. There was peace throughout the world until once again another errant generation of Adam sinned against another incarnation of Eve and the world as we know it came to be.

Figurehead of Pilgrim

The male principle thrives on wars, guns, and battles of every kind. It dismisses peace and dampens creativity. It is a devouring spirit when left to its own devices. What was lacking way back when was a consciousness of the unity that exists between what is above and what is below. This unity is the marriage of Shekhinta and Qudsha Brikh Hu, the union of thought and action and the inherent harmony that is in between.

What is the feminine principle and how can we understand it better in order to achieve once again that blissful union of above and below. Take a look at the story of the serpent and see it in perhaps a new light. The serpent who stands upon the earth representing the raised consciousness is speaking to the woman telling her what it is like to think for yourself. The serpent says your eyes will be opened, meaning you will have your own thoughts and direct your own destiny. Once Eve partakes of this there is no turning back. Filled with the excitement of this discovery she has to share it with Adam. What she shares is consciousness itself.

Now the Torah myth explains that HVY”H ELYH”M went looking for Adam which is kind of a paradox since God is everywhere and knew very well where Adam was. However, the point is not in God’s search for Adam it is in Adam’s desire to be master of his own fate. Until that moment Adam was never really free living inside of and deeply submerged by the divine and yet unable to complete his mission of self determination as sent forth by being the direct descendant or image of the above.

The story would have had a different outcome if God had found Adam and said word’s to the effect, “Oh it looks like you’ve found yourself. Perfect that is just what was always intended.” Instead God curses Adam, Eve, the serpent and the earth. It seems a bit excessive since everything that just took place happened on God’s watch. By definition everything must have turned out exactly the way God planned it.

This is another example of the separation that began with the pulling forth of Eve. It represents a basic error in thinking that we could ever be apart from our subconscious nature, from our feminine creative nature. The fear that Adam expresses, Gen 3:10 “And he said: 'I heard Thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.” What Adam meant was that he was on his own and it was a terrifying experience.

All of those curses came about because Adam and Eve being on their own had the chance to make mistakes to interpret things poorly; to make suppositions that were superstitious and to choose to try and block this new understanding. The curses were self imposed by ignorance.

The way back must always be through Shekhinta, the feminine principle the subconscious that dictates the right thing to do. All attempts to block the feminine are sins against the unity which means sins against the awakening of consciousness and the marriage of Shekhinta and Qudsha Brikh Hu.

When societies place woman in an inferior position offering the rationalizations of God they are also sinning against the unity. Look throughout the world at the various cultures that try and put woman down. They are simply repeating the sin of separation over and over again. This world heals itself through the unity of Adam and Eve, the unity of Shekhinta and Qudsha Brikh Hu and the unity of above and below. In order to reconnect with heaven, the subconscious mind must be restored to its proper place which is as ruler of the heavens and earth.

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