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Woman receives $3,000 water bill due to leak under house

A woman in Rogersville, Tennessee was shocked when she opened up her water bill. While a lot of people expect their bills to increase in the winter months, this woman never expected a $3,000 water bill! Betty Luster, 78, says she normally pays about $40 a month for her water. Back in September, Betty's bill went up to $90 which she thought was odd -- but that was nothing compared to what followed.

Betty had her water services shut off -- but she still received a bill... and it was for $3,000! The cause? Betty had a steady water leak under he house. Unfortunately, Betty is responsible to pay that amount, even though she didn't know about the leak and has had it fixed.

Betty is having a hard time coming up with the money to pay the high, unexpected bill. Her daughter attended a town board meeting, hoping to talk to the town and get the bill taken care of. The family feels as though the water meter should have alerted them that something was wrong before the problem got out of control. The board didn't overturn the bill... and now the family is seeking an attorney.

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