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Woman pimped 4-month-old baby to child pornographer in Indiana

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Last week, Natisha Hillard, 25, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to one count of selling a child for sex and two counts of allowing a child to take part in child pornography, admitting she allowed her infant daughter to be molested by a man in exchange for cash.

Hillard met the accused molester, Christopher Bour, 39, through an online dating service in 2011, according to court documents.

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On their first meeting, Bour began asking about gaining access to Hillard's two children, then ages 4-months and 3-years-old.

The baby was molested on at least eight separate occasions between September 2011 and February 2013, according to the U.S. Attorney's office.

Authorities were alerted to the dreadful crimes by a woman who works in a massage parlor that Bour frequents...

WTSP reported:

The FBI began investigating Feb. 13 after being alerted by a unnamed masseuse who said Bour had texted her about his intentions to sexually abuse the child, according to the criminal complaint.

Two of Bour's messages read:

'U wanna watch me play with a baby tomorrow a real one ;)

I get a chance once in a while I was just seeing if you would hold the camera'

The woman said that she had seen child porn movies on Bour's laptop during previous visits to houses he lived in while renovating them. He also said he had expressed interest in "animal love."

An FBI agent posing as the masseuse sent a text to Bour, asking what he was going to do wit the baby and Bour responded with very graphic descriptions of sexual acts he would perform on the infant.

FBI agents raided Bour's home in Gary, and found "numerous images depicting Bour engaged in various sexual acts with an infant female who appears to be between 6 months and 18 months old."

Hillard could be seen holding her daughter in some of the images. She also admitted to allowing Bour to take sexual photographs of her 3-year-old child, in exchange for money.

Hillard faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years to life in prison, when sentenced.

Bour was charged with one count of purchase of a child for production of child pornography, one count of production of child pornography, and one count of possession of child pornography featuring a minor under the age of 12, and has pleaded not guilty on all counts. He is currently awaiting trial.