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Woman Photoshops herself in preemie pics for donations: Even fools husband

Wednesday Feb. 19, 2014- Today I spoke with a young mother who I stumbled across the other day while covering another story. She is 19 years old, and her baby was born at around 24 weeks gestation. She was told that Brielle would not make it through the night, and Brittany just refused to accept that. Brielle is now 7 months old and in The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Stacy Hall caught Photoshopping herself into sick baby's photos. Fooled husband and raised money posing as preemies mother while real family struggled day to day to be with their daughter.
Brittany Pincura
Top photo is the original, looking closely you can see the bottom is photoshopped.
Brittany Pincura

She found out yesterday that a woman who had stolen her baby's photos is still using them for fraudulent purposes.

Brittany Pincura & Day'Quan Bates are both 19 years old. They cannot stay in the Ronald McDonald house because of their age, and they live an hour away from where Brielle is hospitalized. It doesn't look like the baby will be released anytime soon, so naturally they set up a donations page for help with their needs, hospital bills and the like. This came after Brittany lost her job because they could not hold it any longer.

Brittany was contacted by Stacy Hall via private message on Facebook under an alias of "Tacys Ianed" asking if she could do a scrapbook for Brittany and Brielle.

Brittany recalls thinking that the woman was in fact working on the scrap book, because she would send photos of her work in progress.

Not too long into it Brittany was contacted by Ms. "Maryanne Portillo" who then informed her that she seen Brielle's photos online, but the lady who had been working on the scrapbook had removed Brittany's face and Photoshopped herself into the photos with the preemie. This page was under the name "Stacy Hall" who also had Brielle's photos as her profile and timeline pictures.

Brittany, horrified that someone would do this while her child is fighting for her life, a child that she was told would never make it, but has proved the world wrong for 7 months, made contact whit the woman's husband.

He was devastated to the point of tears. Working out of state he thought he had a child. He had received the "edited" photos and was even sending money home for Stacy and "Diania" (the name Stacy gave Brielle in the fake photos).

Brittany did block Stacy Hall, and she began watermarking Brielle's photos. Hall found a way to access the photos and remove the watermarks.

Brittany said that the husband "apologized, hundreds of times," He even went as far as to turn over some of the messages that Stacy had sent him along with the edited photos. He was heartbroken and did try to help Brittany catch his wife after finding out about this heartless betrayal, though none of this has been easy for him.

Brittany said, "as if I'm not already going through a lot, I now have a new burden on my shoulder. I began putting watermarks on Brielle's picture, and somehow she got it off. My family is HURT. I believed this woman was doing a kind thing for me, during my time of hurt. In the same sense she was only causing more hurt. Having a disabled child, that has been hospitalized since birth an having to basically live in the NICU myself these past 6+ months is the hardest thing I think I've ever had to cope with, and to think someone would pretend to be in this heartbreaking situation is disgusting. I'm sickened. This woman had her husband thinking they had a very sick child. I was told this woman was collecting money/items in honor of Brielle, who she changed her name to Diana. As of right now, I have no written proof of any of that, but what I do have is her husband, who has sent her over $400/month to make sure she was able to be with "Diana"."

Naturally. Brittany has had difficulty raising funds, but she never knew it was because another woman had cyber-napped her baby and was raising the funds for herself.

If you are interested in helping this amazing young woman and her sweet little golden-glove fighter Brielle please take a moment to donate on their OFFICIAL donations page by clicking here.

All of the photos associated with this article are the Photoshopped copies, but you can meet Brittany and see the real photos of Brielle on the Blessings for Brielle Facebook page as well as keep up with this little miracles progress.

There is also an official family donations page on GoFundMe. It is the only funding page for Brielle.

I have verified all of the information before publishing. The couple has contacted the authorities in this matter.

Please keep in mind that all of this is taking place as their daughter fights to survive. If you can make a donation to this family please do so, and no amount is too small. Their car just broke down with transmission problems and this is only the tip of the iceberg of the problems this young couple is facing.

They remain optimistic and prayerful in light of it all.

Brittany noted on her fundraiser page that " We live over an hour away from Brielle and having our first born precious miracle so far away is very hard. We are not old enough to be accepted into the Ronald MacDonald house. You must be 21. Our social worker has done all that she can. She is an amazing woman and great at her job. We need to spend every waking minute with our Brielle. As of lately, being out of work to watch her grow I have fallen behind on bills. I never realized how expensive hospital bills,parking and eating hospital food could be. Any little bit helps. We are not expecting a million dollars and we will be grateful for anything anyone can spare. There is no such thing as a little donation. Thank you for just reading our story. We hope we have inspired you to help a needy family in a very exhausting and heart breaking time of our lives."

To see more on Brielle's story click here.

I can honestly say that in my years as a writer only one other story has affected me on such a personal level. Prayers are greatly appreciated and highly valued.

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