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Woman phantom quintuplets: Woman diagnosed with Pseudocyesis

A woman's phantom quintuplets are making news this week after she thought that she was pregnant. The woman from Montreal first told her boyfriend that she was expecting twins -- then triplets -- and eventually quintuplets. On March 24, ABC News reported that the woman was never pregnant -- not even with one baby.

As previously reported, the woman's boyfriend was elated to have children. He and his girlfriend spent time shopping and doing plenty of baby-related things. The woman's "pregnant" belly grew and she even had morning sickness and lactation -- but how?

The woman really had phantom quintuplets according to multiple reports. Evidently she was suffering from Pseudocyesis which is defined as "a very rare disorder in which a woman experiences all the symptoms of pregnancy, but is not pregnant" (ABC News). Her boyfriend didn't know about this until the couple went to a doctor's appointment together and they were told that there weren't any babies in the woman's womb -- and that a pregnancy was never reported by doctors at that hospital.

The woman is currently receiving psychiatric care and her boyfriend has left her and is simply heartbroken.

More on the woman and her phantom quintuplets in the video above.

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