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Woman pays off car before it is crushed by ice slide

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It’s been a brutal winter in the northeast, harsh and unrelenting. While folks in Florida have basked under a warm Sun this winter, walking outside one’s apartment can prove fatal north of the Mason Dixon line.

Amanda Hubbard of Winsted, Conn. recently paid off her car and just received her lien-free title last week. However, any jubilation was short lived after a huge slice of ice broke loose from the building where she lives and crushed the roof of her car.

Hubbard, however disappointed, was at the same time grateful that no one was injured, according to an NBC report."This could have been my child. This could have been my handicapped sister. This could have been the two children that are upstairs," she said.

Hubbard said she heard the ice slide from the roof of the building Wednesday morning and when she looked out the window saw the heavy chunk of ice jutting through the car atop its crushed roof.

"I kinda freaked out a little bit," she said. "I won't lie."

Hubbard shared her story in hopes property owners will keep buildings safe from similar ice slides.

Other snow and ice disasters include a dangerous snow slide at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas before the Super Bowl, ice falling from a skyscraper in lower Manhattan which led to police blocking traffic around the area, and heavy sheets of ice that fell from roofs and smashed vehicles in Texas during December.