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Woman on trial for beating and strangling friend: Cuts out and steals fetus

Julie Corey trial begins in stabbing death of friend and for stealing her fetus.
Julie Corey trial begins in stabbing death of friend and for stealing her fetus.
Jim Cole/AP/MSN

On Monday, Jan. 27, the Massachusetts woman’s trial for kidnapping, beating and strangling her pregnant friend began with opening statements. She is also on trial for cutting the woman’s fetus from her womb once she was dead.

Julie Corey’s trial got underway in Worcester Superior Court with both prosecutors and defense attorneys ready to present their cases. According to court documents prepared by the prosecution, Julie Corey, 39, was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of Darlene Haynes.

At the time of the murder in July 2009, Haynes was eight months pregnant. After beating and strangling Haynes to death, Corey cut Haynes’ abdomen open and took her fetus.

The baby girl survived the incident and Corey then told her boyfriend that she had given birth and the baby was his.

Corey pleaded not guilty and her lawyers claim that she had no part in the murder of Haynes and took possession of the baby “by lawful means.” However, they have not yet clarified what those “lawful means” are.

The little girl is now four years-old and lives with her biological father.

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