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Woman on cell phone robs bank: Robber in wig has hostile note, walks out talking

A woman on a cell phone who robbed a bank in South Florida this week has prompted a massive manhunt in the area. The brazen bank robber entered the TD Bank Wednesday morning wearing a long brown wig, dark sunglasses, and a hat that obscured most of her face. The New York Daily shares the weird news story this Wednesday, June 11, revealing that the woman extended a hostile note to a bank clerk telling him to give her some money, then walked out from the establishment still “talking” on the cell phone.

Woman on a cell phone robs a bank, walks out talking
Wikimedia Creative Commons

The identity of this bank robber has not been discovered yet, but police are hopeful after a security camera managed to capture a video of the woman. Unfortunately, the woman has quite an obscuring disguise on with most of her face being indistinguishable at the time of the robbery. With a cell phone pressed to her ear, the casual thief could be seen in sunglasses, a low-lying baseball cap, and a long brown wig. What’s more, even after committing the crime — without using a gun or making a big scene whatsoever — the woman was said to nonchalantly walk out from the bank with the stolen money.

According to an inside report from News Max this afternoon, law enforcement officials have evidence on the video tape of the woman silently passing a note over to a teller. While the note looks innocent enough on film, it was apparently a hostile message demanding money immediately. The incident itself took place earlier this June at a TD Bank, situated in West Palm Beach of the South Florida area.

It has not been confirmed at this time whether the woman talking on her cell phone while robbing a bank managed to escape with a lot of money or not. As the manhunt continues, the source adds that this weird news story is not entirely a new or surprising case. Apparently, some experienced bank robbers intentionally arrive at a local bank wearing a casual guise (like a wig and talking on a cell phone) in order to divert any attention from them. In place of creating a scene or running out, they pretend they are on their cell and walk out casually as if nothing has happened. By the time security is called, the thieves are long gone.

The press release says that police have asked the public for help in identifying the mystery woman. The robber is said to be a female in her early 20s, around 5-foot-5, with a very thin build. Any information should be forwarded to the Palm Beach County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-458-TIPS.

In other weird news of the day this June, a woman from Montana is being charged for physically assaulting her boyfriend because he was “sleep talking.” When he began to mutter bad things under his breath about her in his sleep, she flew into a rage, grabbing a shotgun from the house and allegedly beating at him with it, going so far as to shoot a bullet through his car window and blowing out his tires.

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