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Woman on cell phone robs bank: Brazen cell phone chatting robber flees with cash

A cell phone became part of a woman's disguise while robbing a bank as she pretended to chat away to someone on the other end while handing the bank teller a note demanding money. Along with her chatting into dead air, she donned a long brown wig and a hat, according to NBC News on June 11.

Woman on cell phone robs bank: She looked just like one of those annoying people in line on a cell phone.
Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office

As you can see by the picture above, the woman appeared cooler than a cucumber while robbing the TD Bank at Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach. Holding a cell phone against her ear, she passes the South Florida bank teller a note demanding money.

The brazen robber got what she wanted and fled on foot, according to the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office. People don't usually take kindly to folks chatting on the phone while they are being waited on by a bank teller or checkout clerk.

Talking on the phone under these circumstances usually attracts glares from people silently pointing out your rudeness. She took a big chance by being so conspicuous on this phone of drawing attention to herself from the other folks in the bank.

The woman wore a white vest and she kept her face partially concealed by a baseball-type cap with her sunglasses topping the hat, reports the New York Daily News today. Police did not release how much this chatty caper netted the woman in the robbery.

It is also not known what that note said that she handed to the teller. While it demanded money, it is not known why the teller would hand the woman money unless she offered some threat. What that threat was is not known.

Police are looking for the bank robber described as a woman in her early 20s. She is approximately 5'4" to 5'6" and she is also described as having a "skinny build." Palm Beach Police ask if anyone recognizes this woman or anyone who has any information about the robbery to please call 1-800-458-TIPS.

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