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Bear drags woman from open garage: Escapes before she's dragged into woods

Florida woman biten, mauled and dragged by black bear, one of several that showed up in her yard.
Florida woman biten, mauled and dragged by black bear, one of several that showed up in her yard.
Wikimedia Commons /D. Gordon E. Robertson

The hunt is on for the bear that mauled 45-year-old Terri Frana of Lake Mary, Florida. She had gone into the garage to grab bikes for her kids to ride down to her neighbor’s house and just as soon as the kids left the bears were there. She first saw two in the driveway, so she walked to the patio area where she saw another five bears eating trash they had just pulled out of her garage, according to ABC News on April 13.

One of the black bears got up on their hind legs and mauled her, dragging her towards the woods. She managed to get away and get into the house. When her son came home he found his mother collapsed in the living room and called 911. She had at least three bear bites and cuts and scratches all over her body.

She was released Sunday morning and is recovering at home today. The wildlife officials have put out bear traps in the area and they searched all through the night on Saturday looking for the bears.According to CNN News on April 13, earlier reports claimed that the woman was attacked by several bears, but while there were many in the group, it was one black bear that attacked the woman.

Greg Workman, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, reported that the several bears were in the area but it was just one bear who turned on the woman. The Wildlife Conservation agency is urging folks to get bear-proof garbage cans as this is the time of year that bears are coming out of their winter home looking for food.

This attack came the same day that the agency warned about the spring bringing out the black bears moving around the neighborhoods looking for food with their cubs. “Now is the time to expect bears to show up looking for food, said Dave Telesco, who heads up the Wildlife Commissions bear management program. By getting the bear-proof garbage cans, the bears won’t find any food at your home and they will move on.