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Woman makes bars of soap out of her own breast milk

Woman makes bars of soap out of her own breast milk
Woman makes bars of soap out of her own breast milk
Liquid Gold Soaps Facebook Page

According to the Sun Sentinel on Tuesday, a South Florida mother has found another use for her own breast milk. Paula D'Amore is not only feeding her baby, but she is also making soap. Then she makes and sells custom-made bars of soap made with other women's milk.

D'Amore, 29, is totally convinced that breast milk has healing powers. She says the soap is a natural solution for everything from cradle cap in infants to acne in adults. It softens the skin, controls oil, reduces redness, and helps to treat rashes. On her Liquid Gold Soaps Facebook page, the owner says, "So [by] putting it in [an] organic soap base, I am creating a soothing soap that the entire family can use." From word of mouth and from her Facebook page, D'Amore has received about 70 responses.

CBS News reports that the young mother has being making organic soap for her entire family and has named the soap bars "liquid gold." She launched her business, "Liquid Gold Soaps" in January from the kitchen of her Greenacres home. D'Amore says making the bars of soap is her labor of love. She wants to give other mothers the opportunity to use their milk for something other than for food for their babies.

The entrepreneur explains that each bar of soap lasts up to 34 uses. The soap is cooked on low-to-medium heat and is mixed with ingredients such as coconut oil, therapeutic-grade essential oils, glycerin, purified water, organic honey, and soybean protein. For the exfoliate variety, oatmeal becomes part of the ingredients. With only five ounces of breast milk, D'Amore makes a set of three bars of soap that sell for $15. Ten ounces can produce a set of six bars for $30.