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Woman legally changes name to Sexy: 41 y/o 'hated' Sheila, starting life anew

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A 41-year-old woman from Ohio is making strange news headlines this week after legally changing her name from Sheila to Sexy. After allegedly hating her name for her whole life, an Ohio state courthouse permitted her to alter her name to something a bit more risqué. UPI shares this Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014, that Sexy now feels she can begin life anew with her updated name that better suits her overall persona.

After stopping down at the Licking County courthouse this Tuesday, Sheila Ranea Crabtree was able to successfully walk away from the legal proceedings site with a brand new name to replace Sheila: “Sexy.” The 41-year-old woman from Pataskala, Ohio, told media sites earlier this week that she had been wanting to change her name for years after hating her first name for much of her life.

Sexy Ranea Crabtree is the new legal name of the former Sheila, and the woman seems very content with the important identity alteration. Crabtree revealed in an interview that she had asked her friends and teachers to call her Ranea since high school because she disliked Sheila. The first name had been given to her unwillingly by an absentee father, and she never really approved or even liked it.

Taking legal matters into her own hands, Sexy decided to make her name something that she — not her missing father — personally wanted.

"I've always hated Sheila," added Sexy on the odd news story. "Now I am free from that ugly name."

The source noted that the woman now feels she is able to start her life anew with her new name, as it feels more comfortable and suits her real personality.

Aside from Sexy, the 41-year-old female from Ohio was also said to be considering a few other names as well, including Sinder and Sparkle. However, she finally settled on Sexy since it felt best.



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