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Woman killed by attack dogs. There are pet owners and then there are pet owners

"This is it is like to look into the face of a vicious attack dog!"
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Two dogs attacked and killed a woman outside her own home in Dayton, Ohio.

Horror of horrors, a neighbor found the mauled body of a 57 year old lifeless woman and phoned 911. It was too late for her.

When the officers appeared on the scene, the dogs charged at them and they were shot and killed; but it was too late for her.

The police located and arrested the dog owners – it was too late for her.

There had been reports of these vicious dogs before and nothing apparently had been done – and now it was too late for her.

Just hours ago, Dayton Daily News reports: “Dayton police were called to 31 E. Bruce Ave. shortly after 8 a.m. after receiving a report of a naked person on the sidewalk. When officers arrived, they discovered the body of the woman whose coat had been torn off. They also found two male dogs who charged, prompting officers to shoot and kill the animals.”

There has been much debate on the ownership of dogs known to be bred as attack dogs – while many breeds are capable of this kind of killing, the pit bull or mixed pit bull seems to be in the news more often. Pit bull owners defend the breed and can sometime become as vicious as their pets when offended. While they contend that the dogs are not born mean; but are taught that behavior, many owners of these vicious breeds (of all kinds) have lived to regret ownership.

WARNING: Do not click on this link if you are weak of heart or stomach. These are photos of people attacked, mauled, and injured for life because of some careless pet owner. Really you may wish to NOT SEE this; but only as these tragic events are made public can people begin to seek solutions to bad pet ownership. .

Most people in America think of their pet as a pet, an animal to be loved and cared for because of the joy (and even protection) they bring to the family. There are responsible pet owners, and they keep them healthy and well fed; and if necessary fenced in where they can do no harm.

Some parents think that pet ownership helps to in grain responsibility in their children as they learn to care for them. But children are children and the parent must see that the pet is well cared for in the event the child does not live up to that responsibility.

Then there are those, who only God knows why, collect hordes of cats for example. They and the animals live in filthy conditions. Animal abuse seems to be on the rise as some unfeeling people think nothing of harming helpless animals. Most of the time, they are very angry people and could be of danger to humans as well.

Just this week in Henry County just outside of the Atlanta area, a litter of seven puppies were found on the side of the road and taken to the pound. Not only were these little animals at danger; but they could have run out into the highway and caused danger to passing motorist. For more information, check out text and video here.

Yesterday, according to WSB-TV, a man was sentenced to three years for throwing a dog over the balcony of a residential motel while inside a crate. The small dog survived; but sustained injury.

But on the other hand there are those who spend millions, yes millions, for Halloween costumes for their pets while children somewhere near them are going without food, clothes, and other necessities of life.

There was once a man who said, if he came back into this life as anything else, he wanted to come back as either a lap dog or a housewife, because they both had it made. There are many housewives who would take exception to that statement about them; but would agree that a lap dog live a life of luxury.

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