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Woman jumps from bridge: Oregon woman flees cops in stolen car, survives leap

A woman jumped from a bridge this week while attempting to flee the police, and the heart-racing video was all caught on a cop car’s dashboard camera. While trying to run from the law, an Oregon woman decided to end the police chase by leaping from a high bridge into the water below, surviving the fall but getting caught shortly afterwards. The Epoch Times tells all on this runaway’s death-defying decision this Saturday, Jan. 11, 2014.

Woman jumps from bridge: Oregon woman flees cops in stolen car, survives leap
YouTube Media Screenshot, The Epoch Times

The woman who jumped from a bridge is 26-year-old Rebecca Humphries. While being chased in a stolen vehicle by a number of police officers in the city of Troutdale, she decided to try the “jump in the river” trick, which really only works in the movies. The female suspect managed to live the fall, only suffering a few minor injuries, but was taken to the hospital after her capture to be certain.

“While the officer was waiting for the vehicle to come to a stop,” said the city of Troutdale in its statement earlier this week. “The officer checked the registration and found the vehicle to be stolen.”

The young suspect soon sped off, and the pursuit began. Much of the harrowing chase can be caught on one of the Oregon police officer’s dashboard cameras before the woman decided to jump from the bridge in a last-ditch attempt to escape. She may have survived the leap, but officers said it was a high jump and might have gone ill.

A spokesman for the Troutdale police noted that an officer attempted to stop the vehicle (a Ford Taurus) and her drive this Wednesday for a routine traffic violation, but when the car’s registration was being run through the system, it was discovered to be stolen.

As cited in the press release on the woman jumps from bridge headline:

“Rebecca Humphries, 26, was soon pulled from the river after leaping into the water and taken to a local hospital to be treated for her minor injuries. Law enforcement officials are now citing her as part of an investigation for several traffic crimes.”

An investigation into whether Humphries also played a part into thieving the stolen vehicle is also underway.

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