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Woman jumps from bridge: 35-foot jump from bridge into icy water to escape cops

A woman jumps from a bridge in a desperate attempt to escape police. “I looked down, but I didn't hesitate. I just jumped. It didn't look as far when I looked down, as it did when I looked up,” said 26-year-old Rebecca Humphries by phone from her hospital bed, according to an updated Jan. 10, 2014, KATU report.

Woman jumps from bridge: 35-foot jump from bridge into icy water to escape cops
Daily Mail, Tina Burgess

“Humphries said it hurt when she landed.”

When recalling Wednesday afternoon’s incident of a woman jumping 35 feet from a bridge into the icy water of Sandy River in Troutdale in Oregon, Sgt. Carey Kaer of the Troutdale Police Department is still in disbelief and says “he's never seen anything quite like it.”

"Really, jumping from that bridge, in itself the distance to the water is dangerous - for somebody to jump that distance. And into freezing water also, I have no idea what was going through her head.”

On Wednesday, around 4:40 p.m., a Troutdale Officer tried to stop 26-year-old Rebecca Humphries because of a minor traffic violation near 242nd and Stark. After running the license plate of the vehicle, the officer found the Ford Taurus to be stolen, but before he could take any further action, Rebecca Humphries took off, leading police officers for several miles on a high-speed car chase.

The chase, which was caught on the police car's dash-cam video, shows 26-year-old Rebecca Humphries speeding away, slowing the car as it crosses the Stark Street Bridge, but before the vehicle comes to a complete stop – she opens the driver's side door, runs to the north side of the bridge, climbs over the railing, and jumps.

Just before the woman jumps from the bridge, one can hear a police officer yelling. “Don’t do it!”

The green Ford Taurus that Rebecca Humphries had been driving continued to roll until it came to a complete stop. An additional male passenger in the vehicle was taken into custody.

In regard to Sgt. Carey Kaer’s question as to what was going on in the head of the woman who jumped 35 feet from Stark Street Bridge into the freezing waters of Sandy River to escape police officers, 26-year-old Rebecca Humphries, who is in her hospital bed with a broken vertebrae and numerous traffic crimes, explained that “I was trying to return the car to the guy that was in retaliation for me ditching it. And I started to get pulled over and got scared and 'fight or flight' kicked in and I jumped.”

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