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Woman giraffes' zoo: Woman exits giraffes' zoo cage with stitches and $686 fine

Woman gets kicked in the face by giraffe, needing 10 stitches after she jumps baricade to cuddle the creature!
Photo by Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images

Giraffes are adorable, but the tall lanky creatures have the strength to kill a lion, so they are not an animal that you should try and cuddle. When a woman climbed over the fence that was put there to separate the giraffes from the public, she soon found out how quickly the snuggling creatures can turn on you.

According to the Los Angeles Times on Aug. 18, a giraffe named Wally ate grass out of Amanda Hall’s hand and then snuggled her face before he turned around and kicked her in the face. Hall received 10 stitches after that kick from the giraffe who was just licking her face seconds before he attacked.

The Spread It reports today that Hall, 24, was given a citation by the Henry Villas Zoo in Madison, Wisconsin for crossing over the fence. The now injured zoo patron is fighting that citation saying it isn’t fair. Hall said she did go over a three-foot fence easily to get to the giraffe. She said that the giraffe was still inside the second fence and licked her through the fence links.

When the giraffe turned and kicked her with his hind leg, she claims she was still behind that second fence. Witnesses say that Hall had climbed over the three foot fence and was partially through the second fence when she was kicked.

The harassment to zoo animal citation comes with a $686 fine, which is something that Hall does not want to pay. She claims that while she shouldn’t have climbed over the three-foot fence, the fine is a bit hefty. She apologized to the zoo for crossing the barrier to get to the 2-year-old giraffe, Wally.

Hall claims that the pain that she suffered from the injury from the giraffe was something she had to deal with and she apparently thinks that is enough. Referring to the citation she said: “I was not trying to harm the giraffe. I just don’t think it’s fair.”

The officials at the zoo said that the giraffes have the strength to kill a lion with that kick and that Hall is lucky to be alive after her encounter. The fences and signs are there for a reason. It sounds like the citation and the hefty fine stay in place.

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