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Woman jailed for not returning movie: 2005 rental bites woman 9 years later

A woman was jailed for not returning a movie nine years after she rented it. On Feb. 17, CNet reported that Kayla Michelle Finley of South Carolina was sent to jail after renting "Monster-in-Law" -- in VHS -- and not bringing it back to Dalton Video. Turns out, that sort of thing goes on your record.

According to the report, Finley went to the local police station to report a crime. When the officer put her information into the system, he was alerted to some incriminating evidence -- apparently. There was a warrant out for her arrest... yes, over the VHS tape that was never returned.

The woman jailed for not returning the movie is obviously appalled -- she can't believe that she's actually facing charges following something that is so insignificant. She was actually changed with to return a video cassette. It is unclear what kind of penalties Finley is facing, but something suggests this case won't go very far. Perhaps a fine of some sort would be appropriate -- but it's still a bit crazy that someone could get arrested over this.

"It's obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do," said Finley, adding that she intends to fight the charges. Many people can't believe that there ever are charges.

Should the woman who was jailed for not returning the movie be held responsible? Do you think getting arrested for not returning a movie is a bit extreme?

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