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Woman insists on wearing Niqab in class kicked out of CEGEP

A woman wearing a Niqab in class  was asked to leave her school for refusing to take it off.
A woman wearing a Niqab in class was asked to leave her school for refusing to take it off.


  • Crazy 6 years ago

    About time we say NO to crazy nutcases such as this. There's nothing wrong with that and nothing in this to make an uproar out of. They did the right thing for today. Tommorrow's another day.

  • Mike m 6 years ago

    I'm tired of accommodating Muslims. They come to this county and expect "this and that"..I wouldn't go to Saudi Arabia and expect everyone to go to Church On Sunday or say prayers before a meal...moderate Muslims need to step up and regulate this crap...if they don’t, and just sit passively then they are just as bad. If you don’t like Canada, leave.

  • Hotdam 6 years ago

    When will this country stand-up and make a clear statement that enough is enough and these people WILL have to leave behind them these supposedly religious practices if they REALLY want to immigrate to our country. Don't call this racicism for this mentality it's only disturbing the way of living I have been accustomed to and I DO NOT intend to replace it by anything else. In this country you are free because our ancestors have provided us with this freedom and it is for us to preserve it. These people are nevertheless free too. Free to stay if they are willing to live OUR lifestyle or free to LEAVE if the won't. NO in between.

  • John 6 years ago

    So if she wears a hijab and its not allowed what about the Girl's and boy's in cegep that they put more than 10 piercing in the face ??? the government should control it also

  • ResponseTo Hotdam 6 years ago

    This land is our land Hotdam, this land is God's land, as for our ancestors don't forget whom both the french and English killed to Establish this Democracy. Don't use the argument to get out of the land ( Canada ) Hotdam, the world has changed and it is not like the past and if you don't want people like her in your land in the first place don't let her come or don't kick her out of school after the second semester of studies, she should have been kicked out the first day otherwise wise up haters.

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