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Buttocks impaled while texting and driving: Mom's butt pierced with guard rail

Woman impaled in butt by metal pole while texting and driving.
Woman impaled in butt by metal pole while texting and driving.

Texting and driving is dangerous and although a Colorado woman was quite aware of this, she texted while driving anyway. Christina Jahnz was texting when she hit a metal guard rail which came right through her vehicle impaling her in the butt, according to the New York Daily News on Sept. 1.

Jahnz's daughter forgot her saxophone so she was dropping it off for her at Elizabeth Middle School. She was running late, so she thought she'd text her friend to let her know. As she was leaving the school she quickly checked to see if her “voice text” was in the right mode to accept the text. The mom said she looked down at her phone for “a split second” when the next thing she saw was the white dust of the inflated air bags coming out of her steering wheel.

At 20 mph and not yet out of the school parking lot, she hit the guard rail. This quick and slow-speed accident left her stuck in the car after piercing her butt with a metal pole from the guard rail. The pole went through her right thigh and buttocks, with firefighters having to use special tools to saw both ends of the pole off to get her out of the vehicle, reports Fox News today.

After sawing the ends of the metal pole off, she was transported to Parker Adventist Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery. The texting mom said that she lost track of the stitches “after 40” quipped Jahnz. At least she was able to keep her sense of humor intact through the ordeal.

Doctors told her that if the pole had gone just a little bit further the other way she would have bled out and never made it to the hospital alive. After four days in the hospital she was released home, where she is using a walker to get around the house.

Jahnz has appeared on the news a few times over the weekend telling her story in the hopes that people will take the warning of not texting and driving seriously after they see what happened to her. She for one will not be texting behind the wheel again.

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