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Woman IDs killer on 911 call: Mom of 4 dies after naming ex-cop brother-in-law

Woman IDs killer on 911 call before she dies.
Woman IDs killer on 911 call before she dies.
Wikimedia Commons

A woman who called 911 gave the name of her killer to the 911 operator before dying from the fatal gunshot wound that came from her brother-in-law’s gun. When she called 911 she reported that her sister was shot and that it was her sister’s husband who was the perpetrator of the two shootings, according to The Spread It on Aug. 27.

The Wisconsin woman, Kacee Tollesbol was rushed to the hospital where she died, but not before once more naming the shooter one more time. Not only was the killer her brother-in-law, but he was also a newly retired police officer in Madison, where he lived and where the crime took place.

Tollesbol, who was originally from Elmo Minnesota, was the mother of four and she had just gotten married. Her sister, Ashley Steele was also dead from her gunshot wound to the head.

Andrew Steele had intentions of killing himself and tried, but police apprehended him and he was transported to the hospital with “injuries consistent with a suicide attempt,” reports MSN News.

Police who came to the house after the 911 call was made found Tollefsbol, 38, in the basement shot. They found her 39-year-old sister dead in the house with a gunshot wound to the head. They found Steele in the laundry room with a pistol on a counter in that room, but he had not been shot.

This case was picked up by the Fitchburg Police Department. Considering that Steele had just retired from the Madison Police Department, it might be seen as a conflict of interest for the department to investigate one of their own.

Steele retired back in March after 16-years on the force at age 39. He resigned after he was diagnosed with ALS, the month before, reports MSN News. Steele and his wife have two children and were married for 26-years. The children are “beyond devastated” reports Spread It.

Recently the family pulled together trying to raise funds for Steele’s treatment for his ALS. They have a “Taking ALS Down” Facebook page trying to raise money for his medical bills. The goal was to raise $70,000, in which half of that amount was raised within 30 days, with three months left to reach the goal.

Andrew and Ashlee Steele have been together since they were just kids, meeting at the age of 12. The two graduated from the same university and have been in each other’s life for all the important milestones. What happened to this seemingly perfect couple?

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