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Woman hits mans when he doesn't stop his 2 dogs from attacking her dog

What would you do if your smaller dog was attacked at a dog park? An Athens, Georgia woman with a small dog reacted strongly when her dog was attacked by two much larger dogs at Southeast Clarke Park on Sunday, and ended up hitting the owner of the two dogs after the conversation deteriorated into name calling as she tried to protect her dog, according to an article published yesterday on the OnlineAthens website.

The woman was in the area of the park reserved for pets when her dog was attacked by a black lab and a yellow lab. The woman attempted to intervene to protect her much smaller dog, and began to yell at the owner of the two dogs. According to the police report, the woman told the police officer that the man called her a "sexually derogatory name" and she reacted by hitting him several times.

The same two dogs had already attacked another dog that same day at the dog park. Other dog owners had already asked him to leave with his dogs because they were being aggressive towards another dog, but instead he remained at the park.

At some point after that, his two dogs launched the second attack.

According to the police officer, the 21-year-old woman may face assault charges. The police officer told OnlineAthens:

“just because her dog got attacked does not give her the right to attack its human owner.”

The owner of the two labs told the police officer that he expects to follow through and file charges.

How do you protect your dogs when you're out walking them or they are at the dog park? Have you ever had to deal with a similar situation? Do you think the woman overreacted? Please add your comments in the comments section.

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