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Woman has baby after 911 call for stomach bug: Mom had no idea she was pregnant

Woman thought she had stomach bug, gives birth not knowing she was pregnant.
Woman thought she had stomach bug, gives birth not knowing she was pregnant.

A Connecticut woman thought she had a stomach bug until she gave birth to a baby. The Seymour, Connecticut mom gave birth to a nine-pound, three-ounce baby boy without having so much as an inkling that she was carrying a baby for the last nine months.

This wasn’t Jennifer Scollin first baby, Scollin and her boyfriend have a four-year-old daughter, Kelsey. Scollin said she knew something was wrong when she started to feel pain in her stomach on Saturday morning, according to CBS News on April 1.

With the pain getting worse, an ambulance was called and as she was about to leave her house, her water broke. It was at that moment that she realized that a baby was on the way.

The ambulance never made it out of the driveway of her home. Minutes after her water broke, the baby was born. Scollin said she had absolutely no idea she was pregnant. She said in a recent interview:

“How could you not know you have this little thing inside you from week after week — this right here?” Scollin said. “I believe it now.”

Doctors say this does happen, where a woman has no signs of pregnancy at all, but it is rare. Scollin said she felt fine all the way through this pregnancy until the pain arrived on Saturday.

The baby, Cole Michael Thomas Dillman, is a welcome, but total surprise family addition, to Scollin, her boyfriend Matt Dillman and his new sister Kelsey.

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