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Woman goes to the mall, leaves child and puppy in parked car on hot day

Child and pup left in car
Child and pup left in car
Screen shot via WJLA News

According to ABC 7 News, earlier this week, on an afternoon when the temperature soared into the 90s, a Rockville, Md., woman showed a remarkable lack of common sense when she went shopping and left her son, and her puppy, alone in a parked car.

A passerby noticed the white Nissan parked outside of the Lakeforest Mall on Monday afternoon and the individual called the police after seeing a young boy, and a puppy, sitting inside of the car.

Responding officers were able to remove 30-year-old Joshalin Evans' son and her shepherd mix pup from the virtual oven-on-wheels. The seven-year-old boy told the officers that his mom left the puppy with some water, but he had nothing; he also told them that his mom had done this before.

While the overheated pair cooled off in an air-conditioned patrol car, Evans continued to shop inside of the climate controlled mall.

Efforts were made to notify the woman that her presence was needed, but the mall announcements went unanswered. Eventually, Evans was located when the officers went into the mall with her son and he spotted her.

Though Evans tried to convince the officers that she had just made a "quick" trip inside of the mall, it is believed that she had been inside for well over an hour. The lack of judgement secured Evans' arrest and she is now facing three felony charges.

The woman's lawyer has stated that her client had "no intent" to do anything wrong and stated:

My client's question is, 'What is the difference between being outside in the hot sun, and being in a shaded car with Gatorade and a cell phone?'"

"But you learn, and she's not going to repeat this."

The puppy, who was "lethargic" when he was removed from the car, was taken to animal control to be examined for heat exhaustion.

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