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Woman gives kidney to husband; he cheats on her and walks out three years later

A woman is regretting saving her husband's life by giving him her kidney when he was suffering from renal failure. At the time, she was happy to help the love of her life live -- but after the surgery, her husband dumped her.

It all started back in 2009 when Samantha Lamb went above and beyond the call of wife duty and convinced her ailing husband to take her kidney. She went on a diet and went through with the procedure that essentially saved his life. Three years later, however, he broke her heart. In 2012, Samantha's husband packed up his things and walked out on her. He left his keys in the mailbox and didn't even leave a note behind.

Samantha claims that her husband cheated on her with a friend. Her husband says that their marriage was toxic and that the two fought regularly -- and that was his reason for leaving. Now, Samantha wants a divorce and says that she regrets giving her kidney to him.

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