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Woman gives birth on a sled in Philadelphia

A woman in Philadelphia gave birth on a sled. According to a report, a woman and her husband were about to make their way to the hospital but because of the icy conditions, the husband had his wife get on a sled so that he could safely escort her to the car -- but their baby had other plans. The couple never made it to the hospital -- or to the car, for that matter!

A neighbor heard the commotion and helped the couple, assisting in the baby's delivery with the help of a 911 operator. "I was on the phone with 911, taking him through it, and he certainly delivered his own baby, right there on the side of the road," the neighbor explained.

The couple wrapped the baby up and brought her back inside while they waited for EMTs. Mom and baby were transported to the hospital and are both doing well. Talk about making an entrance!

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