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Woman gets fired & is suing employer: Religious discrimination at the U.S. Bank

Polly Neace, an employee of the U.S. Bank in Walton, Kentucky is a devout believer. For the past two years she has shared a practice of telling others to have a blessed day as the customers from the bank have finished their transactions and were turning to leave the bank. She was told this from one of the bank’s customers and thought it was a lovely thing to say to others.

Religious discrimination at the U.S. Bank
Christian Today

According to the U.S. Bank, Polly was warned and told not to tell bank customers to have a blessed day anymore. These two little words seem to be a violation from the bank’s ethical guidelines. In a report issued Monday by NewsMax the bank takes their ethical obligations seriously and believe any legal actions taken against them will site with the bank’s standards.

Polly Neace did as she was told and stopped telling her customers to have a blessed day. She also contacted an attorney, Jeff Blankenship about what had happened and filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It seems that the attorney was interviewed by Fox News and mentioned months after Polly stopped telling customers to have a blessed day did the U.S. Bank hear of the interview where her attorney said she should continue to use the phrase she so believes in. Upon hearing this news Neace was fired the following day.

Polly has been an employee of the bank for the past two and a half decades. Legal proceedings have been written up in the form of a law suit against the U.S. Bank in Walton, Kentucky. The lawsuit is stipulating the grounds as religious discrimination and the bank’s reason for firing her was illegal. The bank in this case is trying to say that when Polly told others to have a blessed day she was forcing religion on them against their will.

It seems that some customers have complained about the phrase Polly has spoken to them and reported her to management. It seems harsh that after she agreed to stop saying the phrase she was fired three months later because the bank heard her lawyer report she should continue to use her well wishes to others. Just because her lawyer stated something in the news and Polly didn’t act upon it shouldn’t be grounds for her dismissal.

What is the world coming to? What is going to be next? Is everyone on the streets now going to sue each other every time someone sneezes and is replied to with the most automatic saying: “God Bless You”? Blessings shouldn’t be held against people, they should be just that, a blessing of good thoughts and well wishes.

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