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Woman gags granddaughter with men's soiled underwear: In jail on $1 million bond

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An Ohio grandmother gagged a child with men's feces soiled underwear, stuffing it into her mouth and then taping her mouth shut. Sgt. Ed Downs of the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office said that this is the
“most disgusting, heinous case of child abuse” that he has ever seen, according to on Jan. 31.

The accusations are horrendous, but there is a video tape of the entire incident. The 54-year-old grandmother took a pair of men's underwear soiled with feces and shoved them in the mouth of her 11-year-old granddaughter. She then taped her mouth shut. When the child started to vomit, the grandmother is heard telling the girl to “swallow it.”

An older child in the home secretly taped the gruesome incident with her cell phone because she saw this as child abuse. The grandmother did this to the girl as punishment for stepping on her injured foot.

The grandmother is charged with kidnapping and endangering children. She is held on $1 million bond today. What ever possessed this woman to do this? These are things that most likely will be answered during her court date. There is no word if anyone put up the $1 million bail to get the grandmother out of jail. Most would not blame the family for leaving her there.