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Woman frozen alive in hospital dies during escape attempt

A woman was frozen alive by a hospital.
A woman was frozen alive by a hospital.
PJL Laurens

Maria de Jesus Arroyo was frozen alive in White Memorial Medical Center in California. The 80 year old woman died trying to escape her frozen tomb. According to an April 3 report by the Los Angeles Times, the hospital thought she was dead when they froze her.

The woman's family sued the hospital, but their lawsuit was thrown out. The reason the judge threw out the case was because they filed too late. The family only one year from Maria de Jesus Arroyo's death to file a lawsuit.

The Second District Court of Appeal overturned the lower court's decision. Despite filing the lawsuit over a year past the woman's death, they can still file. The reason for this is because the pathologist didn't give his expert opinion about her being declared dead and frozen alive until after the statue of limitations had expired.

Maria de Jesus Arroyo was found, face down, by morticians. Her nose was broken and she cuts and bruises to her face. Those injuries were so severe that the morticians could not cover them up with make-up.

The family's lawsuit against the hospital has returned to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. At the time of publication, it was unknown when the case would be heard.