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Woman found guilty womb: Life sentence in cutting baby from womb, killing friend

Life sentence for woman killing mother to claim baby
Life sentence for woman killing mother to claim baby
AZ Central, Facebook Photo File

A woman found guilty of cutting a baby from the womb and in doing so killing the premature child’s pregnant mother has been given a life sentence behind bars for her crime. Suspect Julie Corey was sentenced to the mandatory term of imprisonment without the possibility of parole after being charged and convicted of first-degree murder this week. MSN News shares this Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014, that the criminal sentence was given by the Worcester Superior Court, while the victim’s father sat on a court bench holding his daughter’s ashes.

The woman who was found guilty of killing her former friend and ripping the unborn baby from her womb is 39-year-old Julie Corey of Worcester. She has been sentenced to life in jail sans parole after being convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Darlene Haynes back in 2009. Following Corey’s own miscarriage of her child, she reportedly attacked and killed her pregnant friend, cutting the baby out of her body and attempting to pass the child as her own offspring.

Haynes was discovered dead in her apartment shortly after the attack. The female victim, only 23 years old, was eight months pregnant at the time. Police officials who had first arrived on the scene saw that the woman had been brutally attacked, beaten, and then strangled with a long electrical cord. The damage to her torso was more gruesome, with the woman’s abdomen being cut open, her womb bared, and the stolen baby utterly gone.

In this shocking woman found guilty womb case, it appears that Corey and her boyfriend at the time were in on the terrible crime together. The two were found together with the baby only a few days later at a homeless shelter. Corey alleged that she had been the one to give birth to the baby girl, who had somehow managed to survive being cut from her mother’s womb.

The young girl is now four years old, healthy, and is living with her biological father.

Fred Haynes, the father of the victim, sat tearfully in court today holding his daughter’s ashes. It was said that he was too devastated to speak much throughout the court proceedings, and was overcome with emotion when his daughter’s killer was given her punishment of a life sentence in prison for the crime of slaying her former pregnant friend and claiming her baby as her own.

"This is the reminder that he has every day of his daughter. It's not replacement for having her, and speaking to her ... it can't replace his daughter," prosecutor Daniel Bennett said, discussing the urn filled with ashes that Haynes held.

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