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Woman found after 10 years: California kidnap victim was 15, found today at 25

Woman kidnapped at 15, ten years ago, found alive today!
Facebook/ retro movie

A woman kidnapped when she was 15-years-old was found alive 10 years later after reaching out to her sister online. For a decade she was held captive against her will and it was a Facebook message she sent her sister that opened the door for her freedom, according to ABC News on May 21.

The kidnapper, Isidro Garcia, 41, has been arrested for suspicion of kidnapping and rape, lewd acts with a minor and false imprisonment. 10 years ago Garcia assaulted the girl’s mother, who he was living with at the time. He then drugged the girl and fled with her and that was the last time the family heard from their daughter.

He took her to a house in Compton, where she was locked up in a garage in the beginning of her captivity. As the year’s passed he told the unnamed victim that the family had given up searching for her. He threatened her physically and emotionally to do what he told her to do. He gave the girl a new identity.

MSN News reports that he even put her to work, but stayed with her the entire time. The two worked for a cleaning company and they cleaned offices together. The girl was forced into marrying Garcia in 2007 and she had a baby in 2012. He filled her head with all types of doom, like if she should try to leave, both to them would be deported.

He moved the two frequently to avoid being caught. There is no word on the child that this woman gave birth to, but the story is just unfolding so you can expect more details to be released as police continue with this investigation. Today she is a free woman, but there's no news regarding any reunion with her family, or if she has even seen them as of yet.

The woman is 25 today and her story has been presented to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office for consideration.
The woman sent her sister a message on Facebook and came forward, telling her story to the police. If this Santa Ana, California case sounds like one that’s been played out before that’s because it has. Last year three women were rescued after years of being helped captive.

This case sounds eerily familiar with the case last year when three women were held in chains, raped and beaten in Cleveland. The missing women were held captive by Ariel Castro for more than a decade. Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus and Michelle Knight were finally freed when a neighbor heard Amanda’s plea for help.

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