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Woman flight rampage: Smashed passenger kicks attendant in groin, bites another

Airplane taking flight into sky at evening time
Airplane taking flight into sky at evening time
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A woman on a flight went on a rampage recently, allegedly biting a flight attendant on the hand and then kicking another in the groin. The passenger was said to be “smashed,” having had a considerable number of drinks aboard the international airplane flight. The Otaga Daily Times confirms this Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014, that the accused woman appeared in court this week and pleaded guilty to assaulting one of the flight attendants with a purposeful intent to injure her.

The woman flight rampage incident involves assailant Tara Anne MacKay, a 28-year-old woman that was on an Air New Zealand flight. She was said to be highly intoxicated, and her drunk behavior led her to begin arguing with a couple of the flight attendants on board. Witnesses at the event claimed that MacKay bit a female flight attendant sharply on the hand more than once, then proceeded to kick another in the groin, hitting him square in the testicles.

After admitting that she had assaulted the female flight attendant and was indeed smashed aboard the Aug. 17, 2013 flight, she was sentenced by a court judge in a Dunedin District Court yesterday to both drug counseling and alcohol counseling. A pair of other charges, including a Crimes Act assault and disorderly behavior intended to cause violence, were dismissed from the case due to an overall lack of jurisdiction.

According to the press release on the woman flight rampage scare:

“Judge Dominic Flatley said the defendant's behaviour would have been ''extremely frightening'' for other passengers, as well as causing difficulties for flight crew who had other responsibilities. He said it was unclear why she behaved as she did, other than the fact she had drunk far too much alcohol.”

While on her flight back to New Zealand, Mackay acknowledged in court that she had bitten a female flight attendant, though she was unable to remember kicking a male flight attendant in the groin. Although the woman said that everything would have not escalated to such violence had the flight attendants simply let her be, she did say she was guilty of being “smashed” and consuming far too much alcohol while in the air.

As punishment for her drunken rampage, the woman was formally sentenced to 300 hours of community service as well as 12 months’ official supervision, including both alcohol and drug counseling as necessary.

The police report had later cited that the violent assault was not a one-and-done situation, as MacKay bit down on the female flight attendant at least three times, causing severe bruising to the hand and a hairline fracture.

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