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Woman flight rampage: Heavily intoxicated passenger goes nuts on plane

Woman flight rampage: Passenger goes nuts after drinking too much.
Woman flight rampage: Passenger goes nuts after drinking too much.
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A woman went on a flight rampage after drinking way too much alcohol while she was on Air New Zealand. The passenger reportedly "bit one flight attendant and kicked another in the testicles" in her fit of craziness on the airplane.

NewsTalk ZB in New Zealand reports Jan. 30 that Tara Anne MacKay, 28, was in a heavily intoxicated state on an international flight last year when the spectacle happened. She appeared in court Tuesday and admitted guilt for assault. Daily Mail reported that several flight attendants tried restraining MacKay, but she resisted. The woman who went on the flight rampage said she probably would have calmed down if they would have let her be, but she recognizes that she also consumed too much alcohol.

McKay was given a sentence of 300 hours of community work, 12 months supervision, and must take drug and alcohol counselling.

This story that is being called the "woman flight rampage," might cause a lot of travelers to demand some kind of limit on how many drinks a passenger consumes each flight. Flying, especially long distances, is monotonous and passengers sit very close together. When someone gets out of hand or abuses alcohol amongst so many people they do not know, it is a disaster waiting to happen.