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Woman flight rampage: Drunk woman bit flight attendant three times

An airplane
An airplane
Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

A woman's flight rampage has her in hot water after a drunk fight with flight attendants. On Jan. 28, Mail Online reported that Tara Anne MacKay, 28, bit a female flight attended and kicked a male flight attendant while on an Air New Zealand flight to Bali in August of last year. It all started when MacKay upset another passenger when she started screaming and then spilled her drink. The passenger decided to alert the flight attendants to the situation -- which only got worse.

Members of the flight crew tried to calm the woman down but she threw a fit. She eventually locked herself in the bathroom on the plane and refused to come out. The pilot gave the flight attendants permission to open the bathroom door -- and then things got ugly.

The woman continued her flight rampage and she bit flight attendant, Susan Lawson-Hurst, three times on her hand. The crew managed to get MacKay handcuffed and in a leg restraint, but she still managed to continue her rage, kicking a male crew member "in the testicles."

MacKay told a judge that she didn't remember much of the flight but insists that she wouldn't have gotten so out of control if she was just left alone by the flight crew. Nonetheless, "she was sentenced to 300 hours community service, 12 months supervision and told she had to complete drug and alcohol counseling" according to the report.

The woman will pay for her flight rampage and will hopefully learn a lesson from all of this.

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