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Woman finds giant silverfish in soup

A New York woman is suing a restaurant after finding a giant bug in her soup.
A New York woman is suing a restaurant after finding a giant bug in her soup.

A New York woman is planning to sue a restaurant she claims made her physically ill after she discovered a giant bug in her soup.

Natalie Estrella ordered a bowl of sancocho from Nuevo Mundo restaurant in Far Rockaway, Queens, and was horrified to discover a huge insect in her bowl.

Repulsed, she complained to her waiter that she had found a silverfish in her soup, but claims that he dismissed her fears and threw the bug away.

Estrella says that she become so ill after eating the soup that she went to hospital and was treated for 'insect ingestion,' according to discharge papers.

"I felt dizzy, my stomach started hurting and then I threw up,” Estrella told WPIX11 News.

"It was the worst day of my life."

The restaurant, which has offered Estrella a refund, currently has a pending “C” grade from the Department of Health for 44 violations that include 'evidence of mice or live mice' in its facility.

The restaurant manager, who only identified himself as Carlos, acknowledged the pending grade but said he was unsure of what violations the restaurant has and denied that the restaurant had an insect problem.

Estrella says that the waiter told her in Spanish that the restaurant “has these bugs all over the pipes.”

The disgusted customer says she's taking legal action because the restaurant continued serving the soup to other customers after she left.

"People, please don't eat there for your safety," she said.

"They just want your money they don't care about your health."

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