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Woman finds 'chicken embryo' in can of Campbell's soup

A woman in Colorado found what she described as a "chicken embryo" in a can of Campbell's soup according to a video report by HuffPost Live. The woman gave her daughter chicken noodle soup and while she expected there to be chicken she didn't expect their to be an actual chicken.

The woman said she poured the soup into a bowl when she found what was a chicken embryo floating inside. "It has feet and a beak" the woman explained, saying that she couldn't stop staring at it.

The mother says that she reached out the Campbell's customer service but says that she was brushed off. The soup was taken to a lab for further research and it was concluded that the item was cartilage. The woman says that she is happy with the test results but that she is disappointed in the way Cambell's handled her complaint. The company says that they are currently "evaluating the claim."

More in the video above.

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