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Woman fights off leopard with bare hands, lives

Kamla Devi, a 56-year-old woman, lives to tell her tale of being attacked by a leopard. Some reports have varied today, Aug. 28, whether she used her bare hands, a farm tool, or a combination of both. Either way, it sounds like a scene out of “GI-Jane.”

A 56-year-old woman attacked by a leopard and lives

Devi is seeking treatment for multiple hand wounds, bites, fractures and cuts sustained during her struggle with the large wild cat. Apparently she was gathering her water for the day where she lives in a small village near Sem Nauti in Rudraprayag, and that’s when she noticed movement in the bushes. Before she could blink, the leopard lunged at her. She told that she thought for sure she was going to die, but she wanted to live, and she had to overcome her fears and fought for her life.

"I fought head on with it for almost half an hour. Then I came to know it was dead," she told the hospital crew. Reports indicate that she had knocked out the front teeth of leopard that attacked her, which she believes may have helped her survive.

Talk about survival of the fittest, the health care workers said she had definitely endured a terrifying struggle, because her entire body had deep wounds and bite marks. Another person who helped her to reached the hospital said that she used her sickle (farming tool with a semicircular blade for trimming brush and grains).

This isn’t the first leopard attack in this same area, within the last couple of days another women, not as lucky as Devi, died shortly after becoming prey. The animal that happened to attack Devi was found about an hour later after the attack took place. Not only did this very brave women go head-to-fist with a leopard, and lived to talk about it, she also walked half-a-mile to reach help.

So far, Devi is not the first one to go through a human-animal conflict and survived a leopard attack. She's lucky she was strong enough to fight back with her bare hands and a sickle. The only immediate family member she has is her daughter, since her husband passed. Talk about #SuperMom.

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