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Woman falls for Nigerian scam artist, loses $300G

It’s safe to say that anyone with an email address has received that fishy email that requests a ‘small loan' for a massive sum in return. Most of us have known better than believe the scam, as it’s pretty hard to buy the lies, but a woman in California had it a little tougher than a simple email. On Thursday, January 16, Fox News reports that San Jose woman was scammed out of $300,000 on the dating website

According to the source, the man was posing as “David Holmes,” an Irish citizen working on a Scottish oil rig. He took advantage of the 66-year-old woman by making her fall for him by sending flowers, through phone calls, and other romantic tactics.

The scam artist tricked the victim into wiring $500,000 into his fake oil rig - pulling the money out of her retirement account and even having to refinance her house. He was busted when his email address was traced back to Nigeria. The victim was able to get $200,000 back, thanks to the Santa Clara County district, but is $300G short.

This seems like a story Nev and Max should have covered for “Catfish,” don’t trust anyone online, guys! And by no means send a stranger any money. The lesson came with a hefty price tag to this California woman.

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