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Woman falls down elevator shaft at Fenway Park: Bizarre fall from 4th floor

A woman fell down an elevator shaft at Fenway Park after last night’s Red Sox game and was seriously injured. The woman fell down the shaft at the opening for the elevator on the fourth floor and landed on top of the elevator’s roof, which was stopped on the second floor, according to ABC News on May 17.

Woman falls down elevator shaft at Fenway from fourth floor.
YouTube screen shot

It seems as if the door opened prematurely or some type of malfunction occurred. When it opened on the fourth floor there was nothing there but a big gaping hole, as the elevator was still two floors below. Most folks who use elevators frequently just walk in as soon as the doors open, many don't look to see if there's a floor, they just trust that there is.

Firefighters climbed through the elevator’s emergency hatch to rescue the 22-year-old woman. Fire Department spokesperson Steve MacDonald said this happened late Friday after the Red Sox lost to the Detroit Tigers.

NBC News reports that it was at 11:17 p.m. that the emergency crews responded to Fenway Park after a 911 call came in about the woman falling down the elevator shaft. The unnamed woman was transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Although a hospital spokesperson would not provide any information on the woman’s condition, MacDonald said that the woman’s injuries were serious.

ESPN Boston reporter Gordon Edes on his Twitter page today reports that the woman’s injuries are critical, but stable today. He also said that she is a recent college graduate. The police and elevator inspectors are investigation just what happened. It’s not clear if just one of the elevator doors opened without the elevator being on that floor, or if both doors opened exposing the elevator shaft.

The Boston Fire Department sent out a series of tweets about the incident. The first one said:

“From Fenway: somehow the elevator shaft doors on the floor 4 opened. A 22yo female fell into shaft landing on roof of elevator.”

They even tweeted what they needed to do to get the baseball fan out of the shaft tweeting:

“The used a small ladder we call a pencil ladder to go to roof through hatch. Along with BEMS, victim was boarded and…”

They kept the public informed on what was going on with the emergency at Fenway Park. The game was over by the time this incident happened, so it may have been the only excitement in a less than stellar evening for the Boston Red Sox's fans.

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