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Woman fakes credentials to get work as respiratory therapist; officials fear it is a trend

The ailing economy may be driving more people to fake licenses to get work, state officials say.

In a recent example, Laura McCombs faked her credentials as a licensed respiratory therapist in Colorado to work at Littleton Adventist Hospital. The hospital filed a complaint against her with the state’s Division of Regulatory Agencies.

The investigation showed that McCombs had forged an ALISON screen shot to portray herself as a licensed respiratory therapist.

ALISON (Automated Licensure Information System Online) is the website where the public can verify licensure for about 50 occupations licensed and regulated by DORA's Division of Registrations.

McCombs worked independently for a few days as a respiratory therapist before the hospital was able to verify that the documentation provided was forged, officials said.

She had not graduated from an approved respiratory school program, nor taken the licensure exam.

“This case is unfortunately becoming a trend possibly resulting from a downturned economy and higher unemployment rates,” said Rosemary McCool, director of DORA’s Division of Registrations.


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