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Woman eats nothing but Starbucks products for a year, because she could?

Woman consumes only Starbucks products for a year as a challenge to herself.
Woman consumes only Starbucks products for a year as a challenge to herself.

A woman who committed herself to consuming nothing but Starbucks food and drink for an entire year has just successfully finished that quest. Beautiful Existence, which is her real name, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at Seattle area Starbucks at the cost of about $500 to $600 a month, according to USA Today on Jan 3.

As for the “why” part of this challenge, it’s not very exciting, she just wanted to get to know the Starbucks business and products and see if she could do this. She likes to learn new things and apparently Starbucks and their products appealed to her. Basically it was because she could, it was there and she went for it. As a blogger it probably gave her a unique approach to her blogging.

Eating nothing but Starbucks wasn’t about trying to lose or gain weight and it wasn’t about trying everything Starbucks has to offer. She simply gives herself a challenge each year and this year it was to eat only Starbucks products and nothing else.

Existence said that because she lives in Seattle where Starbucks has its roots, there were plenty of shops to choose from, so that made her quest easier. Not paying attention to the days that Starbucks closed, like for holidays left her in a lurch, but she managed to keep her vow of eating Starbucks only!

Her husband and two young sons were supportive of her quest, which she blogged about along the way. Last year she applied the advice from Parents Magazine to her life and in 2011 she shopped only at Good Will.

Existence didn’t gain or lose weight by eating an all-Starbucks diet. She said her weight fluctuated as usually, but she stayed about the same weight through the entire challenge. She contacted Starbucks when she first decided to do this. Starbucks didn’t contribute to Existence’s challenge in anyway.

For her 2014 challenge, she plans to learn more about all the recreational sports, as she works for a company, REI, which makes recreational sports equipment. These challenges give Existence a unique angle for her blog postings.

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