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Woman drowns while trying to rescue dog from river

Woman drowns trying to rescue her dog/NOT the dog from this story
Woman drowns trying to rescue her dog/NOT the dog from this story

According to Tuesday's publication of the Seattle Times, a woman drowned in the Wenatchee River, near Dryden, Wash., while trying to rescue her dog on Monday afternoon.

A fun, summer day at the river went sideways when 29-year-old Sabra Crafton, of Cashmere, saw her dog struggle while swimming after a stick which had been thrown into the water. Crafton jumped into the river in an effort to retrieve the struggling dog, but she was the one who encountered problems.

A friend of Crafton's told the authorities that he tried to pull Crafton from the water, but the woman struggled against him and returned to the river - still hoping to save her dog.

According to a press release from the Chelan County Sheriff's Office, the woman, who was not wearing a life jacket, slipped beneath the water in the main channel of the river; she was later located by a kayaker who spotted her under the water near the Goodwin Street bridge. Rafters who were on the water managed to pull Crafton from the river and get her back to shore.

In an effort to revive Crafton, firefighters and medics administered CPR for 30 minutes - but it was too late and she could not be saved.

The dog who Crafton jumped in to save managed to get to shore on his own.

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