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Woman drives into pool: Near miss for folks swimming at backyard pool party

A woman drove her Jeep down a driveway, crashed through a fence and landed in a pool which was being used for a weekend party. Luckily this uninvited guest didn't land on the three people who were swimming at the time she made her big splash into this Ohio backyard pool, according to My Fox Philly on July 14.

Woman drives Jeep into pool as pool party was in full swing and folks were swimming.
ABC News YouTube screen shot

The noise that 46-year-old Cheryl Chapman made coming through the fence in her Jeep was likened to the sound of "a bomb" going off, said the homeowner Nancy Wilson. She and her husband Kent had just opened the pool for the summer at their Cleveland suburb home and they had about 15 guests over for a party, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Little did the guests know that they would witness this Jeep make its giant splash into the pool. One of the guests had a very close call as Chapman made her surprise entrance into the pool. That same guest, Chris Sanford, was able to pull Chapman out of her vehicle as she had difficulty getting her seat belt off.

Sanford said as soon as the Jeep landed in the pool the other guests at the party were yelling at him to "save the woman." The Jeep crashed and then became completely submerged with the driver inside the vehicle.

Sanford had just dove into the pool and he swears he hit the water at the same time the Jeep did. If he had gone in a few seconds earlier, he believes he would have been struck by the vehicle in mid-air.

He went to the driver immediately to help her out, but she went under a couple of times as her seat belt was tough to remove. Her driver's side door was locked, making her exit from the vehicle even more difficult.

Sanford successfully pulled Chapman out of the car and she was uninjured. She blamed a malfunction in her vehicle's brakes for this accident that took her barreling down a private driveway, through a fence and into a backyard pool of a private residence.

He brakes might have given her a problem, but once police arrived she had another problem. Chapman was charged with driving under the influence!

All this happened so quickly and since the car was completely submerged, it's hard to think about what would have happened if the family wasn't home. Chapman needed assistance to get out of her vehicle, so without Sanford or anyone else around, the outcome of this incident could have been a fatal tragedy.

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