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Woman doesn't realize son is dead until she notices decomposing smell

Mom didn't know her son was dead until she noticed a strange smell.
Mom didn't know her son was dead until she noticed a strange smell.

The mother of an eight-year-old mentally-disabled boy in Pennsylvania said she noticed a strange smell coming from somewhere in her home. The Associated Press reported on Aug. 2, 2014, that once Kimberly Tutko noticed the smell and went to investigate it, that was when she learned it was the decomposing body of her son.

Tutko has said that her husband, 38-year-old Jarrod Tutko, was the primary caretaker of their son, and he chose to not tell her he had died right away. He actually waited several days to tell her that the boy was dead, and that was when police were called.

Jarrod Tutko was arrested and charged with child endangerment, concealing the death of a child, and abuse of a corpse. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

Kimberly Tutko has not been charged with any crime.

The IB Times reports that Kimberly Tutko told her husband about the smell so he went upstairs and came down with their son wrapped in a sheet. When she pulled the sheet back, she saw it was their son and that he had been dead for a while.

Jarrod Tutko revealed on Friday that the boy, Jarrod Jr., had died on Tuesday. Upon her asking her husband why he didn't do anything, Jarrod said he was "too afraid to say anything because of the other kids in the house."

The Tutkos do have five other children ages 13, 12, 10, 6, and 3. A number of them do suffer from different undisclosed medical conditions. County children and youth specialists had the children put in their care after police arrived.

Jarrod Tutko Jr. was severely mentally disabled and had actually been diagnosed with both autism and Fragile X Syndrome. The latter is a genetic defect that causes learning and behavioral challenges.

As of now, a cause of death has not been revealed for Jarrod Jr., but an autopsy is scheduled for sometime this upcoming week.

Many have asked how Kimberly Tutko did not know her son was dead as it seems she didn't even go upstairs and check on him at all.

She states that it may be hard for people to understand, but Jarrod Jr. stayed on the third floor of their home and was primarily cared for by his father. Kimberly says that their daughter, who has autism, is blind, has a feeding tube, has a collapsed lung, and is in a vegetative state is confined to a hospital bed on the second floor.

"My daughter relies on me," said Kimberly Tutko.

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