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Woman dies in prison: Netizens blame the authorities for not giving medicine

YouTube/video screenshot/Documentary TV

It was an unexpected death of a woman in prison because she was about to serve a 48 hour sentence for her children’s absence in school. An article from was posted on June 13, but because of the controversial death of Eileen DiNino, a 55 years old detainee it continues to circulate online this evening, June 18, 2014.

Reports said Eileen was found dead in jail last Saturday while she was serving the sentence that would have erased the US$2,000 fines; reports added that the debt had accrued since 1999. After reading the report from CBS NEWS and correction zone, some observers and followers of this case took to their social media accounts and expressed their disappointments, according to them, the judge who sentenced Eileen DiNino was very wrong when he decided to put Eileen in Jail for 48 hours.

Speculations are circulating online this evening that Eileen was on medication for high blood pressure and other things, but still, the authorities decided to put her jail to serve the 48 hour sentence. Reports are also claiming that despite her condition before she entered in jail, some prison officials have failed to give her proper medication for high blood pressure. These kinds of speculations being tackled by the netizens using their social media accounts are serious matters because they claim that Eileen might still alive if she had given the chance to take her medicines.

Meanwhile, if some people are still blaming the authorities for her untimely death, some observers are different, they are blaming the kids, according to them, Eileen’s untimely death should not happen if the kids had the chance to send themselves to school and help their mother to find jobs. But anyway, these people are just expressing their opinions, the truth is; they are all sad because of the incident that happened in jail while the victim was serving her 48 hours sentence.