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Woman dies in prison: Eileen DiNino's death during truancy sentence a mystery

A woman died in prison in Pennsylvania as she served two days over the fact her children had excessive truancy violations. Eileen DiNino, 55, passed away during her time in jail, but so far no cause of death has been revealed. The Christian Post shared the details on Wednesday.

Eileen DiNino, woman who died in prison while serving 48 hours for truancy violations
Screencap via HuffPost video

DiNino, a mother of seven, was sentenced to 48 hours in jail after her family built up 55 truancy violations. Pennsylvania's laws indicate that she actually could be sentenced to as many as five days per violation. The woman died in prison after being there for 24 hours. An autopsy was done, but the coroner is waiting for toxicology results before releasing the cause of death. No foul play was suspected and there was seemingly nothing suspicious about the woman's death.

CBS News reports that the 48-hour sentence for DiNino would have then wiped out the court costs and about $2,000 in fines she faced over the truancy violations. The issues date all the way back to 1999 and several of her children were involved. District Judge Dean R. Patton is now speaking out about how he reluctantly passed down the sentence, and he said DiNino was a “lost soul.”

It seems that several of Eileen DiNino's children are grown now or in vocational school, and four were still at home. Patton says he has lost sleep over the fact the woman died in prison. It seems DiNino didn't work and didn't have much help with her kids. She had a history of missing hearings or being unprepared when she did show up.

Patton added that while DiNino cared about her children, “her kids ruled the roost.” Sadly despite living what sounds like it was a fairly chaotic life, DiNino arrived at the courthouse “a different person” as she surrendered for her 48-hour sentence. Patton said, “I think she realized, when this is done, the weight was off her shoulders.”

Many will be curious to see the results of the autopsy to learn just why the woman died in prison. People have been quite vocal in criticizing the fact she was jailed at all. It will be interesting to see if changes in the Pennsylvania laws are made in this regard, as many think the laws are a bit archaic.

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