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Woman dies after fall at Sunset Cliffs

At approximately 5pm on Sunday, January 12, 2014 a 25-year old woman took a fatal fall from the top of Sunset Cliffs in Ocean Beach. The victim was apparently trying to pose for a picture when she stumbled backwards and fell 150ft onto the sharp jagged rocks below. Authorities said the woman died instantly.

Police started to receive 911 calls at 5:19pm from witnesses who saw the incident. Apparently there was a large number of people around when the tragic fall occurred. According to authorities, an onlooker performed CPR to no avail as the victim was dead on the scene.

Officials said the woman, who has not been officially identified, was in San Diego visiting her sister. Sadly, this tragedy is not a stand alone case as multiple people have been injured or killed after falling from the cliffs along Sunset Cliffs Natural Park.

Sunset Cliffs is a popular spot for locals and visitors to watch sunsets but, it can be treacherous to walk along the top of the cliffs as the they are primarily sandstone and often slick. The uneven ground and slippery terrain makes it difficult to keep steady footing. There are signs posted all along the cliffs warning onlookers to stay back and tread carefully, but there are few fences protecting the public from the cliffside.

According to authorities, no assault or foul play was suspected in the incident.

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