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Woman Delta handcuffed: 'Intoxicated' woman handcuffed on plane after flirting?

Delta airplanes
Delta airplanes
Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

A drunk woman on a Delta flight was handcuffed and taken off the plane after she went a little bit... crazy. On Feb. 11, the New York Daily News reported that a Friday night flight from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to Salt Lake City had to be diverted when a passenger started freaking out. Another passenger caught parts of the incident on cell phone video.

"The first expletive-laden recording sees her repeatedly threatening to 'f-----g kill' the passenger who rejected her sexual advances," reports the New York Daily News. The pilot announced that he would be landing the plane at Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport to have the disgruntled passenger escorted off.

The woman on the Delta flight was handcuffed and taken to a hospital upon landing. The FBI and TSA are now investigating the case and it's possible that the woman could be in serious trouble. Passengers that spoke out about the incident all seemed to know that the woman had consumed a few drinks before she got loud. She was evidently flirting with a male passenger but became enraged when he told her that he wasn't interested.

One witness said that the woman "raised her fist" at one point and caused a lot of unnecessary panic for the passengers on board. Flying is already a tense experience for a lot of people and this incident only made things worse.

The woman handcuffed on the Delta flight could face federal charges.

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